Raw Milk

It’s been more than two weeks since the media began reporting on five Kentucky children hospitalized with E.

It’s been nearly a half-dozen years since I last visited Europe, and I wondered this time if the continent’s vaunted decline might also include its food. 

I like to think that some day in the not-too-distant future people will look back on the official hysteria surrounding raw milk and shake their heads in wonderment. One prime example of the hysteria would be found in a just-completed Public Broadcasting System (PBS) documentary about raw milk.

It’s one of those problems no one wants to talk about. Something only discussed at food conferences or other gatherings in quiet side conversations.

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The first-ever, and hopefully first annual, Food Freedom Fest brought together about 200 food rights advocates from around the country on Saturday to farmer Joel

If you look at the recent legal scorecard, the Food Rights movement is getting clobbered.

In the month-long game between Michigan agriculture regulators and raw milk distributor My Family Co-Op, the regulators today put down the “Gotcha!” card.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released a couple days ago showed that more than 70% of Americans feel the country is “headed in the wrong direction.” 

The Sunday New York Times Magazine ran a lengthy article, “The Kids Who Beat Autism”.