Raw Milk

It happened yesterday in that parking lot in Michigan’s Washington Township, that a member of My Family Co-Op demanded she be allowed to take the milk she had contracted for via her herdshare agreement.

It’s been seven years since Michigan agriculture authorities settled the highly embarrassing raw milk case against farmer Richard Hebron by agreeing in principle to allow herd shares in the state that was the fi

It seems that Groton, MA, is still abuzz over the decision by its Board of Health to reverse the town’s long-standing ban on raw milk.

Getting ready to take some time off for July 4, Independence Day. I find myself thinking about our economic independence, in light of a number of recent news developments in the food arena. 



Over the last five years, Ann Marie Michaels has been a soaring natural food star. Or maybe a meteor would be more like it. 


I love when raw milk drinkers educate nervous regulators about dairy safety and benefits. And when the raw milk advocates are clamoring for a regulated solution that the regulators are resisting.