Foxboro, MA, Rallies Behind Lawton’s Family Farm, Defeats Questionable Local Raw Milk Regs

Ed Lawton plans strategy with supporters just prior to the Foxboro Board of Health meeting Monday evening. Ed Lawton began to get good vibes when he went for a haircut hours before the Foxboro Board of Health meeting Monday evening. “The barber told me I had one hundred per cent support in the town. And then he didn’t charge me for the haircut.”

As he strategized with several supporters just before the meeting, Lawton knew the vote would almost certainly be two-to-one....he just wasn’t sure whether the vote would be for the dreaded tough proposed town regulations of Lawton’s Family Farm, or for continued regulation by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, which he and his daughter, Terri, strongly preferred.

For the first nearly hour-and-a-half of the meeting--which had been moved to a middle-school auditorium after 150 people overflowed a meeting last month, forcing a postponement--it wasn’t clear how things would go. But the 300 or so people who attended this meeting made clear their wishes.

Some of the 300 or so people who attended Monday evening's Foxboro Board of Health meeting. First they jeered Eric Arvedon, the Foxboro Board of Health member who initiated the proposal to put the home of the New England Patriots, a town of 16,000, into the raw milk regulation business. “We hear you,” he said, trying to placate the crowd. “But there have to be some guidelines.” He tried to defend one of the most contentious proposed local regulations-- that information about customers would need to be provided the town in the event of a high bacterial reading, but it wasn’t clear in his assessment what would be required and under what circumstances in terms of customer data. He also said the $3 million of liability insurance required for raw milk wasn’t an absolute requirement--Lawton’s would have to post notices at the farm if it didn’t have the insurance.

But then he made a startling admission: “We are not farmers. We are not dairy inspectors, or farm inspectors.” He made another startling admission when Ed Lawton stood up and told him the town didn’t have the authority to regulate the farm’s raw milk cheese--that he “didn’t realize” it was already federally regulated. And when he noted that the town’s regulations wouldn’t permit herd shares, he said, “I don’t know what a herd share is.”

Well, then, given all the knowledge and expertise deficiencies, why did he want the town to take over regulation of Lawton’s Family Farm and its raw milk production? “Raw milk is a ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food.” He said the town regulation initiative was driven by “some high bacterial counts” at Lawton’s that had led to two temporary halts in milk sales earlier this year.

Then one of Lawton’s customers, Lonnie, offered testimony on Lawton’s behalf. “I feel very strongly that the existing raw milk regulations (by the state) are working.” Loud applause. “In the past ten years, you are more than three times as likely to become ill from produce than from raw milk.” Even louder applause.

“Please,” Arvedon pleaded. “This is a working draft. We are trying to make a draft we can all live with.” Nothing doing.

All kinds of supporters of the Lawtons were waiting in the wings to testify against the town’s approach. Roger Noonan, president of the New England Farmers Union. Douglas Gillespie, executive director of the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (yes, a Farm Bureau official helping defend a raw milk dairy). A neighboring town’s health inspector. A state representative.

Doug Stephan, a raw milk producer from nearby Framingham, MA, and himself the subject of a similarly contentious local debate four years ago, said, “I came here to support the Lawton’s Farm....I have 300 Jerseys in Framingham....The government, together with the corporations, have ruined the dairy business. The only way to do it is the way Lawton’s and we are doing it.” He added: “You have to have a good relationship with the Board of Health. If you do not have a good relationship, it will not work.”

To which Ed Lawton took the microphone again: “We don’t have the relationship. The relationship won’t work.”

Two more Lawton’s supporters spoke in favor of the farm and its raw milk. An hour-and-a-half had gone by. Six more people stood in line at the microphone near the stage, waiting to speak. The Board of Health members could see the writing on the wall. Before the third person could take the microphone, Board of Health member Paul Steeves interrupted. He moved for the board to approve a resolution “allowing the sale of raw milk in Foxboro....with no stipulation about regulation except for the state.” Board chairman Paul Mullins seconded the motion, to loud applause, and within a couple minutes, the whole battle was over....but not before the two board members who had voted to save Lawton’s from town regulation awkwardly explained their decision to acquiesce.

Steeves waved a thick pile of papers. “These are just some of the emails we have received,” he said, anger rising in his voice. “Horrible emails, mean-spirited. Some very negative voice mails were left. It was uncalled for. We have been referred to as Gestapo. That being said, if you want to drink raw milk, have at it. If you want to sky dive, go ahead.”

Paul Mullins, the chairman, said, “We have heard your voice....I don’t want to be the Gestapo. I ride a motorcyle. That is dangerous.”

With that, the meeting was over, and Ed Lawton could breathe a sigh of relief. “The farm was on the line tonight,” he told me afterwards. He marveled at all the people that had come out to help save it.

Kristin Canty, producer of the documentary, Farmageddon, said afterwards the harsh emails to town officials shouldn’t have been a big surprise. “They were talking about taking people’s food. That will upset people.”


One of the more intriguing statements made at the Foxboro hearing came from Michael Hugo, chairman of the Framingham Board of Health, about the board’s transition in its thinking about raw milk. That town had several hearings in 2009 to consider revoking its ban on raw milk stemming from the 1950s, so as to allow dairy farmer Doug Stephan to transition from selling conventional milk to processors to selling raw milk directly to consumers.

“At first, everyone on the Board of Health was opposed to raw milk. We had three public hearings. The first was very contentious. By the third one, we began thinking, maybe we should allow it.” At that third hearing, the town passed its own regulations “to be more restrictive than the state.” He said he has heard that some customers seek out Stephans’ milk because its farm must abide by tougher bacterial limits. At least once a year, Stephans is briefly shut down by the town because the farm has exceeded the limits, he said.

“The lesson I came away with was that the Board of Health has to find a way to make it work.” Afterwards, Hugo told me: “These farms are treasures. We can’t lose them, because we will never replace them. The land will be taken for subdivisions and shopping malls.” 

Nice to meet a transformed public health person. 

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In 2008 Senator Dean Florez in Sacramento held Foxborough like hearings for SB201. It was a learning experience for CDFA and others watching. The consumers had spoken just like in MA. Consumers had reported their experience with pasteurized milk and they preferred raw milk for very compelling reasons.

As each local and state authority experiences their own Foxborough learning event, the orrogance of the FDA dictoriship over US raw milk weakens just a little. We regret the need for Foxboroughs and there level of stress....but we must embrace the Foxborough effect!!! It is truly the most American teaching, and speaking experience.

It is a shame that Fox News did not carry the Foxborough story....instead it carried the CDC backed deeply agenda riddled Minnesota unreported raw milk illness study as a leading story. The media is a method to carry stories with Food Inc agendas with out local vetting....what happened last night at Foxborough intimately effected all those that attended and especially those elected and staff officials that got taught a real lesson in raw milk and perhaps some democratic humility. A model for all of America!!

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"The Foxborough Effect" - love it!

Congratulations, all in Foxborough, for a job well done! Wonderful news!

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What a different 24 hours makes....welcome to the media raw milk squirting contests!!!

First it was the Fox news reporting that a Minnesota raw milk consumer that buys illegal or questionable raw milk is six more times likely to become ill than ever thought before...and all the data that was used to support this agenda riddled assumption was based on unreported illnesses....UNREPORTED illnesses!!!

Then there was the American Academy of Pediatrics attack on raw milk consumption for children and pregnant moms...even though the CDC has zero cases of moms miss carrying their babies from raw milk. The CDC data instead points directly to heated processed milk or cheeses with zero illnesses or misscarrages from Listeria associated with fluid raw milk!!!

Then there is todays news!!! The New York Times says: Raw Milk is a Cure for Allergies and perhaps asthma!!

This looks and reads like the some of the media themselves are consumers of raw milk and we officially can say...we have a real raw milk media war going on!! A squirting match with a touch of a pissing match as well. Got to love America. Never a dull movement! It would be humorous, except that 9 kids die every day from asthma and the American Academy of Pediatrics has their heads so far up the CDC that they can not see or read the PARSIFAL or GABRIELA or PASTURE or AMISH studies for the pasteurized dogma that plagues their medical school minds.

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Mark, a small aside about pissing contests: When I was kid kid it was a widely known ancient medicinal cure for bee stings, immediately pee on dirt and then rub it on you ("just in case you kick over a hornet nest.") Yah I know it sounds gross to us sterilized Americans living in a bubble but it really did work, no shit Mary. Sorry children, I saw them open for... ah... Phil and the Blanks?

Academy of Pediatrics I don't recall ever seeing but realizing I'm getting senile. Maybe tomorrow.

Way to go, people of Foxoboro! You stood behind your farmer and the leaders listened to the people leading. It's too bad the officials couldn't have used their own common sense to come the conclusion that we are adults who can make our own decisions about what to eat (and what to feed our children). This whole mess could have (and should have) been avoided. And to echo Michael Hugo - yes, these farms are treasures and we have to support them, not hinder them.

Great reporting, David. It's this kind of transparency and accountability that will shift the tide on raw milk regulations.

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This copied from an email from my wife who was there (jealous.)

I attended last night's public hearing in Foxboro re: Lawton's family farm dairy business and the potential banning of raw milk sales or more stringent regulation by the Town of Foxboro. It was quite a meeting, I must say, and in the end, the Foxboro Board of Health voted 2 - 1 against the ban of raw milk sales as well as additional town regulation of the product. The voices of Lawton's supporters were heard loud and clear. And the key commenter at the hearing in support of raw milk was Michael Hugo, the Framingham BOH rep (who happens to be a lawyer) who had been down this road a few years ago with a large raw milk dairy in his town. He said that after several contentious hearings in Framingham, they ended up approving the raw milk operation. He then made the following most profound statement related to the responsibility of a town regulator: "The lesson I came away with was that the Board of Health has to find a way to make it work." According to the author of the blog linked below, Hugo told him afterwards: "These farms are treasures. We can't lose them, because we will never replace them. The land will be taken for subdivisions and shopping malls." Amen.

Someone should ask the one that voted what their reasnoning or ulterior motives are. David?

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I thought as well that Hugo had important things to say. However, some people may have been confused by his comments, which suggested that Framingham's local rules were equivalent to what Foxboro was proposing. Actually, Framingham had never had a raw dairy before Doug Stephan proposed converting his dairy in 2009. So there wasn't a history of state regulation. Stephan needed town approval simply to lift the long-standing raw milk ban in effect. The town insisted on a package deal  of sorts--we'll lift the ban, but only if we can regulate the dairy. Stephan went along with it, since that was the only deal available. In Foxboro, raw milk has always been allowed, and there was a long precedent of state regulation of Lawton's. Moreover, the local regs were proposed in a hostile way, almost as if to punish Lawton's and its customers. But it goes to show, there is more than one way to skin this particular cat, and both approaches can work, if they are handled in the right spirit. 

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weekend looks beautiful with sunshine and milder March temperatures; now we just have to get there and beyond

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not to be kryptic or moosiehs but just by coincidence two customers came by and asked.. if i.d breed my dog since he's such a great specimen. So I had to ask, sure he's entitled to that but what about me? (please dont tell my wife i said that, we do have a great kid)

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kick ass you gotta believe or die

The problem should not be aimed as a generalization against "the media."
I am a career journalist, in addition to being a dairy farmer.
The problem is ignorance. The solution is education.
In every single town where farms are threatened, people will turn out to support them.
They will support local food sources, and he people who produce them- not so much because of profit
but because of passion and destiny. Not so the commercial agribusiness.
People are starting to get it. It's government beware- you will not be allowed to intervene. Anarchy isn't far behind. In many small Massachusetts towns, thankfully, the local Dept of Health is very accommodating.
Ignorance is no excuse for the will of the people. Shame on the Foxboro Board of Health- all of them.
Let this be a lesson to any other Boards of Health that considers intervention, and to the Massachusetts Legislature to reign in errant power mongers.

Congratulations to the citizens of Foxborough for showing up and making a difference!!

I am sure some of you saw the article about MRSA bacteria moving from hospitals into communities. Here is the link:
In the article it talks about the lack of data regarding the actual number of MRSA cases. It then goes on to explain the present CDC policy as follows:
"The CDC tracks only "invasive" MRSA infections – cases where the bacteria have reached the bloodstream or invaded internal organs.
The CDC's estimate of 80,500 invasive MRSA cases in 2011, the most recent year of data, was celebrated as a significant decline from previous years. But that same year, there were nearly 460,000 hospitalizations involving an MRSA diagnosis, according to hospital billing data collected by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The data suggest those hospitalizations resulted in nearly 23,000 deaths.
That means the CDC's figures on invasive MRSA cases excluded more than 375,000 MRSA infections that still were severe enough to involve hospital care. The agency also doesn't count lesser cases that were resolved on their own or with outpatient treatment and are never reported — a group some researchers put in the millions."

WOW, and yet the CDC tracks all campy infections from every state public health department even if they are not hospitalized cases. Talk about an agency that can't tell the forest from the trees! I can't fathom it, 375,000 hospitalizations from MRSA that the CDC doesn't track and instead they are doing studies on estimated raw milk illnesses where the person doesn't even go to the doctor. Sounds like the CDC has lost its way and is being lead by the nose by the dairy industry to the detriment of the American people!! Truly unbelievable.

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Wayne, great post but one quick correction: While these proceedings were held in Foxboro since it's their BOH doing the oppressing, I would suspect that the people backing/packing the farm were less than 50% residents of Foxboro. Not that it matters since they showed up when it counts it does make a difference should be obvious, and maybe even more so if they had to travel. Thanks and carols to all.

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“There were no known links between victims… "We could not identify any common risk factor," recalls Marion Pennington, the regional epidemiologist who helped lead the investigation.”

Epidemiologists hypothesized that, “All six victims were infected after catching a late-season flu. Perhaps the MRSA was there all along, the investigators reasoned, and the flu simply weakened the patients' immune systems enough for it to take over”.

It is indeed plausible that the MRSA was there all along, however, I could think of a number of other reasons why these patients’ immune systems were compromised. How extensive was their search in order for them to conjure such an insubstantial opinion?

As long as we continue to view this as a “battle” and establish our so-called battle-lines or plan of attack, using belligerent tactics, then there will be no constructive resolution.

This so called “battle” with the microbial world is not winnable. In fact it is not about winning at all, but rather about realizing our interdependence on each other. There are “no winners only survivors” and I think the bacterial world has faired reasonably well.

My guideline with respect to “community exposure” would be to more or less ignore the CDC’s issued guidelines.


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Ken you are top ten in my book, not that it will ever be published but just to let you know perspective is appreciated. Share thoughts, not necessarily calories. It's the thought that counts after all.

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My sentiments exactly!!!! Amen brother. It would appear that data inside of medicine ( huge body counts ) is not interesting and is culturally accepted. But....raw milk is treated as very special and worthy of going off the fiscal cliff to track and pursue even when zero deaths that can be found or reported!!! Is it in the genetics of the FDA and CDC because of the bad water or lack of flushing toilets and distillery raw milk in the 1800s? A military mission does not change when set in stone!! No one challenges the "sterilize & kill everything" mission!!

In the 21st century the CDC has definitely lost its way. These are clear signs of the lack of true leadership and complete loss of prioritization. They answer to no one and operate in near autonomy. Why??? Because few in congress has the medical training, moral compass, or the balls or brains to challenge them and mandate that these agencies seek proper focus on objectives that matter. Doctors seem to carry some "magical insulation" from being called before congress and asked damn hard questions about how our oversight and research dollars are spent and why.

Organic Production Enhances Milk Nutritional Quality by Shifting Fatty Acid Composition: A United States–Wide, 18-Month Study
Received: May 15, 2013; Accepted: November 1, 2013; Published: December 9, 2013

"We report results of the first large-scale, nationwide study of fatty acids in U.S. organic and conventional milk. Averaged over 12 months, organic milk contained 25% less ω-6 fatty acids and 62% more ω-3 fatty acids than conventional milk, yielding a 2.5-fold higher ω-6/ω-3 ratio in conventional compared to organic milk (5.77 vs. 2.28). All individual ω-3 fatty acid concentrations were higher in organic milk—α-linolenic acid (by 60%), eicosapentaenoic acid (32%), and docosapentaenoic acid (19%)—as was the concentration of conjugated linoleic acid (18%)."

"Milk from cows consuming significant amounts of grass and legume-based forages contains higher concentrations of ω-3 FAs and CLA than milk from cows lacking routine access to pasture and fed substantial quantities of grains, especially corn [15]–[23], [32]. In turn, lactating women consuming such milk have an increased CLA concentration in their breast milk [33]. The balance of FAs in animal-derived foods like milk depends on the animal’s dietary lipid intake and on its digestive physiology. The relationship between diet composition and lipid transfer into milk, meat and eggs has been reviewed by Woods and Fearon [34]."

This study used pasteurized milk. Imagine what benefits a study like this would "discover" if it used healthy raw milk???

Folks, I know most of the readers already know this through your own experience of drinking health raw milk
and consuming raw milk cheese...but this is why we need to continue to educate and strongly resist local rules to limit access to this God Given Food.

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Btw, did the Krafts organization involvement surface at all, or was it snuffed along with a lot of other stuff? You'd thing they would have learned from their proposed casino experience. Small chunks go down a lot easier than big gulps, so keep an eye out for those small chunks and stop supporting the big gulpers in any way possible. Except they did bring in Trader Joes questionable or not it's a good asset to be nearby.

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I asked Ed Lawton about the Krafts, and he said that every five years they come up with a plan for neighbors, which includes possible expansion and offers to buy land. But Lawton has told them he's not interested in selling at the present time, and he doesn't think there is any organized effort going on between the town and the Krafts. 

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David, that's the politically correct and civilized way to respond, but I wonder if that's only the Lawtons being the Lawtons, just saying. Let's just say I have way more respect for the Lawtons than the Krafts and that's where my money goes what little there is.

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“We don’t have the relationship. The relationship won’t work” is an intriguing observation and begs the question, won't work for who? I'm not in the business of governing nor would I want to be and have that flashlight shine on me. We all have important relationships outside government jurisdiction, is that what they're afraid of? Stay out of my bedroom and off my table. Music please.

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“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but the myth—persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” - JOHN F. KENNEDY

The gubment's alphabet agencies, like the CDC for example, rely on the laziness of the subjects so they can continue to pervert the truth. That's how I see it. Shame on them all.

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Great quote D. And I like the alphabet agencies appellation too, like a fine whine. What's wrong with a little laziness when you get tired of working for nothing? Wait, I'll figure that one out.

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@ Ora: Wanna read about the epitomy of laziness? Well then, check out this post I made at my forum earlier today. **I've amended it just a tad to clean it up!!**

It pays to be a scam artist. Especially if you're an "official" . . . er, even a fake one.

While reading this, I became more and more angry with each paragraph. The EPA is a bogus "agency" in the first place as far as I'm concerned. They HAVE no real job. But this guy - - he took it to an entirely new level of waste. I was both fascinated and horrified by this. I thought our gubment was on top of things, or so they keep telling us. Uh-hunh. Sure. And I believe them, too, don't you?

No one really knows the true amount of gubment waste, not only in $$ but in time when other things should be getting done FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE PAYING THEM TO DO IT. HINT: That would be you and me.

[quote from article at link below]:
[He] also failed to show at his workplace for long stretches of time, for instance, 18 months starting from June 2011. During this period, he did “absolutely no work,” according to Beale’s lawyer.

In 2008, Beale didn’t show up at the EPA for six months, telling his boss that he was part of a special multi-agency election-year project relating to “candidate security.” He billed the government $57,000 for five trips to California that were made purely “for personal reasons,” his lawyer acknowledged. It turned out that Beale’s parents lived there.

He also claimed to be suffering from malaria that he got while serving in Vietnam – another story that turned out to be a lie.

Among his bonuses and travel expenses were first-class trips to London, where he stayed at five-star hotels and racked up thousands in bills for limos and taxis.

However, most of the time Beale avoided work he was at his Northern Virginia home, riding bikes, doing housework and reading books, or at a vacation house on Cape Cod – all while he claimed he was at the CIA’s Northern Virginia headquarters.

“He’s never been to Langley (the CIA’s Virginia headquarters),” said Patrick Sullivan. “The CIA has no record of him ever walking through the door.”

At the same time, Beale had been the highest-paid official at the EPA, receiving $206,000 a year.

Beale’s scam was revealed in 2013 when it was noticed that he was still receiving his salary a year and a half after he retired.
[end quote]

Taken from this link - - ->

But in reality he's not to blame. Really. It's the machinations at the EPA which are to blame. How could they NOT know he was never hired by the EPA??? Who ISN'T paying attention around that place? These guys just go to work to hold down a chair, they have no real job and they could care less about what happens on a daily basis, or how it happens. That's the real tragedy whether it's the EPA, CDC, or various other gubment or federal agencies. Agency is just another word for people mill.

Some senator just put out a book called Wasteland - and I'll bet it doesn't come close to telling even one fourth of the things that really go on in WADC. What a hellhole. And we keep putting our dollars out there for them like rabbit food.

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D, I'm done with being angry not worth it anymore let the youngeres carry that torch, or not. Its their/ not a a race no matter what Gordon says, It's everyday life unless your dead. My dog licks me every morning and doesnt ask any questions. We're happy. And doesnt even ask to share the absinthe

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D, please know that my wife works for some bovernment agency and stays up working regularly until after midnights on weekends, ends up I'm the one missing out and can't vouch for her bosses. Same with politics in general until you piss of the people.

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I am profoundly moved by the idea that a country that invests so much in science can deny the very science and the fruits of this investment.

In the last 10 years we have discovered what can be considered something not unlike a NASA moonshot expedition into the Genetic origins of mankind. The NIH and its partners at Princeton and MIT and their human biome and human genome projects clearly have set a new track to manage disease.

It is the bacteria stupid!!! It is GUT bacteria that drives the data & bandwidth of the genetic information superhighway of the Human intranet!!! Yet.....all of the agencies of this goverment act like this discovery does not exist and instead doggedly embrace archaic germ theory policies of old.

When the policies of profits dominate the practices for people that is truely an illness.

When the positions taken by the National Academy of Pediatricians fails to produce progressive policies that embrace our best science ( PARSIFAL, GABRIELA, PASTURE, AMISH etal raw milk studies in EU and RAWMI standards etc ) to save & protect the health of children that is sickness...not of our kids but of our doctors.

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They not only deny it Mark, they distort it as well, and based on that distortion they boldly manipulate the science to suit their philosophical and economic agenda.


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Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to educate yourself and others to have a better understanding of life. This message will self destruct in 30 seconds. Get a dog.

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i'm going away fir a while and i'm sure no one will miss me Seey ou in 20r4

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@ Ora: Where ya headin', Ora? Someplace fun? Someplace warm? Someplace where you'll be with relatives and other outlaws? Have a good one wherever you're going and be safe. 2014 will be here before ya know it. My Lord time flies when you're gettin' old and havin' fun doing it, doesn't it?!!

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D, i.m just going to shut down for the holidays, not at all an intended statement regarding the situation ar this blog or events.

I'lll be back, I hope.

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D, i.m just going to shut down for the holidays, not at all an intended statement regarding the situation at the current events or this blog or the contrary.

I'lll be back, I hope older and wiser. Or just more senile and stupider, you decide. Maybe not.

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A careful reading and review of the American Academy of Pediatrics anti-raw milk policy statement reveals so much more than a simple anti-raw milk statement.

I spent several hours reading and re-reading this very skillfully and very very carefully drafted statement and policy position. At every single turn....there are nuances and use of language that leads this reader to truly believe that the authors contrived to lie. The authors perhaps want the world to think that their motives are pure and live saving, but when the words are actually investigated, meanings and conclusions considered ....there is so much more going on here.

1. The AAP authors avoid at all cost the any mention of huge peer reviewed international published studies of raw milk.Instead they claim that all of these studies lack evidence based science. How did these huge multicenter studies ever get peer reviewed or published if not for evidence based science!!??

2. The AAP authors refuse to acknowledge the work done by UC Davis and the International Milk Genomics Consortium and its PhDs. The UC Davis "Splash News Letters" directly address the fact that the immune elements ( and lots of other things ) found in raw milk are lost in store bought processed milk. These same immune factors and other elements are also found in breast milk and form the basis for the profoundly healing and digestible qualities of raw milk.

3. The AAP authors find themselves in a very uncomfortable position. It is broadly known that pediatricians direct their patients to "stay away and avoid dairy products" if there are any allergies being suffered by their patient. yet their position statement supports pasteurized dairy products without any mention of the horendous dairy allergies that they as doctors try and keep their patients away from. Yet...all of these dairy products that they prescribe against are pasteurized!! The AAP policies fail to address the MAST cell stabilizing elements found only in raw milk with its raw undenatured whey proteins and other MAST cell stabilizing elements ( PASTURE cohort and others ).
4. The AAP policy authors fail to address the QMRA's performed in EU on large raw milk markets that show that although pathogens rarely may or may not be found in raw milk...that raw milk that is produced cleanly as intended for human consumption is a "low risk food".
5. The AAP chief author Dr. Yvonne Maldonado MD at Stanford University has so far refused or failed to respond to my kind and very courteous emails that I sent to her and her staff. It appears that she is hiding and does not want to become updated on the profoundly compelling international research on raw milk safety or the data that comes from RAWMI LISTED farmers and their RAMP programs.
6. The AAP authors repeatedly refer back dirty raw milk in the early 1900s and before to suggest that TB is a rampant and continuing problem for raw milk. IT IS NOT and has not been in at least 50 years!!
7. The AAP authors not only call for all pediatricians to counsel their patients to never drink raw milk...but the authors call for a complete ban on all raw milk sales everywhere in the USA!
8. The AAP authors never acknowledge the CDC data that pertains to pasteurized milk and its huge mountain of illness that now exceed at least 450,000 sick since 1972 and the 77 deaths that have been directly tied to pasteurized milk or cheeses.

In summary, I will continue to reach out to Dr. Maldonado in an effort to extend a learning hand to her and her Academy. Why?...because she should not be a tool of politics...she should be a tool for healing of her precious pediatric children that deserve a doctor that has been briefed on solid research information that is grounded in the 21st century.

In 2005, I was a guest speaker and presenter at Stanford medical school about the physiology and benefits of raw milk for medical students and their professors. In the interviening years so much has been learned and raw milk safety has improved. Perhaps it is time again to go to Stanford and speak about raw milk. Dr. Maldonado will be invited to sit in the front row.

In my puritan mind...I just can not reconcile the profit policies over people policies idea !! Any doctor that can do this is not a caregiver but rather a tool of a system. When I was first certified as a paramedic I made a sworn pledge to never let economics " wallet scans" ever determine how a patient would be treated. It was a sworn pledge to serve ALL humanity with a blind concern for anything other than a compassionate and high level of care for that person in my care.

As a doctor, they are sworn to the Hypocratic oath "to do no harm".

9 kids die every day from asthma alone after proper treatment by medical doctors!! We all know that raw milk prevents and even cures asthma.

Do no harm.....??

How about...."Do become educated".


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I think the thing that bugs me the most about these articles from the AAP and such are the fact that they insist on saying that pasteurized milk is just as healthy as raw milk. I mean, they say pasteurizing milk does not take away from the nutritional value. Do any of you think these doctors really and truly believe that?? A rational person would have to know better. Where are their studies, peer-reviewed or otherwise to show this as fact? They disregard anything but propaganda the way it appears to me.

Ora Moose's picture

bug me. I saw them back up the mikerobes way back in, shoot. Back to the point, if you and your children and still alive, you must be doing someththing right. 2005 2025 if f or still alive

Shelly-D.'s picture

Mark, please please write to the journal editors and put all these facts this into your letter.

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I have written two emails to Dr. Maldanado MD at Stanford. She was the chief author of the AAP policy statement.

After careful study of the AAP position, I have come to believe that she may have been the lead author, but she sure did have a lot of very professional help. Wordsmithing and the use of language is so skilled and so careful. Using words like "Outbreak verses Illness" numbers to skew the data on people sickened. This was a professional hit job on raw milk. At the beginning of the AAP policy even says that the policy was "released early". What does that mean? means that it was timed to coincide with other events for maximal effect and was needed earlier than planned.

What other events could that be? Minnesota non-reported illness study of raw milk illnesses was released just two days before with tons of Fox News Fanfair. Could it be?

This was a bundled and bungled effort to deliver a media 1-2 punch and scare people and even doctors from consuming raw milk! No question about that.

Can not wait to produce a video with a message about all of this on-point.

Now for the words...words that will educate and not further alienate & anger the FDA, CDC and AAP and all the other agencies that read this blog with their donuts and coffee each morning. Words that will respectfully open minds and bring some education to the rarified world of "corporate protective policies over sound health practices" and "politics of greed over peoples need". There is a down-right refusal to acknowledge even slightly the successes of large markets and RAWMI or food safety in CA!! Is that what has poked the bear?

I am thinking that a really well done video skit with a mom visiting a pediatricians office with a child and discussion of raw milk is in order....the skit shows the mom at home giving raw milk to her baby based on her experiences with the doctors previously failed advice and listening to other moms in an effort to build her childs health instead of further weaken it. Last slide shows the mom going back to the doctor for a check-up to report the baby is thriving....and the doctor then taking all the credit for his refined skills and medications prescribed with the joke being on him....the mom never gave the drugs or formulas...she fed the child raw milk instead!!!

This is not a joke...this plays out every day at OPDC and the story is true!

It is farmer verses pharmacist...probiotic verses antibiotic, life verses death, nutrition verses chemicals, Shelf Life verses Gut LIFE!

How can this educational bridge be built? They refuse to look at data...refuse to look at studies...refuse to listen to anything...they refuse to meet or talk. They hide...they wear their white smocks and scrabble away to never answer to their policies or the side effects of their prescriptions?

What kind of world is this?

Raw Milk sales in CA have never been higher and climbing!! Pasteurized fluid milk sales have never been lower and falling.

People trust their raw milk farmer....

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No Mark. Writing to the author is not the same as writing to the journal editor to tell them that the article they published is wrong, misleading, has serious errors, etc. The editor is supposed to be be neutral. Authors never are. The editor may publish your rebuttal. Please send it.

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Our letters to the editors of any printed media, of any newspaper, magazine, dimestore tabloid, journal, broadsheet, or the smallest church auxiliary newsletter -- they are all important.

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Got it...

Will write the letter to the journal editor of the "Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics" today.

Great advice!! Thank you!


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The letter is written to AAP Journal editor...I sent a copy to David for his review.

I will publish it someplace.


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Report in today's Boston Sunday Globe; they mostly got it right but failed to ask any hard questions such as, what about the many other foods that have had hundreds more illnesses in this area compared to ZERO illnesses from raw milk from Lawton's Farm for the last 8 years? What other foods or drinks do they monitor and inspect, we'd like to see those numbers.

Of course they also buried it in the regional South edition, and even though my town shares a border with Foxboro and we're less than 3 miles from the farm, we get the West edition here, I looked and it's not in there. Shame on you Boston Globe, I guess this will be the final straw and the end of my subscription just weeks after cutting back from every day to Sunday only. After being a full subscriber for over 20 years.

Guess maybe they want to keep it hush hush so that won't be an even higher turnout of the locals next time? Divide and conquer.