Last week, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) announced that raw milk from Claravale Dairy had tested positive for campylobacter, forced a recall of all its milk, and quarantined the dairy. 
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I had the good fortune to spend last week in the Florida sunshine, far from the igloo that is New England. It was an opportunity not just to luxuriate in the warmth of 80-degree sunshine, but also to do some catching up on recent food-related news developments. 
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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has become something like those obnoxious relatives many of us have, and whom we don’t want around, not just on Thanksgiving, but any time.  
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Last month, while visiting at a small ag and liberal arts school in upstate New York to give a talk, I got to tour its well-run conventional dairy of more than 300 cows (and a 5,000-gallon bulk tank—pictured at left).
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